Ana Diculescu-Sova Celebrates 45 Years in the Legal Profession

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Ana Diculescu-Șova, Senior Partner and Head of the Dispute Resolution Practice at NNDKP, celebrates 45 years of professional activity in the legal field.

With an impressive track record of over 50,000 appearances before national and international courts and arbitration panels, in disputes that have contributed to the creation of the Romanian case law, she is unanimously recognized as one of Romania’s elite lawyers, “a true institution of the science of law” *

Manuela (Manuela Nestor) and I have known Ana since we were admitted to the Faculty of Law, which means for almost 50 years now; moreover, Ana and I were in the same group in law school. That is why I believe there are few people who know her better than we do.

It is common knowledge that one can speak for hours about Ana and it is not easy for me to try to synthesise in one phrase everything we could say about her, but I will try: “Ana is an exceptional person from all points of view, she has dedicated her entire life to the legal profession with a passion, intelligence and talent that are rarely seen together, and which define her, in Manuela’s and my opinion, as one of the undisputed leaders of her generation as a litigation lawyer“, mentioned Ion Nestor, one of the founders and Co-Managing Partners of NNDKP.

We would like to congratulate you for your contribution to the legal profession in Romania, for almost half a century, and for inspiring many generations of lawyers!

We are honored and proud for you being the “D” in NNDKP. You experience and talent are irreplaceable assets for us!

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