Authors: Adriana I. Gaspar, Roxana Ionescu, Roxana Abrasu, George Trandafir, Madalina Bucur

This article was prepared for and first appeared in Investment Reports – Real Estate in Romania and Poland 2021.

Author: Ana Diculescu-Șova

Author: Valentin Voinescu

28.04.2021 – Author: Roxana Abrasu

26.04.2021 – Author: Roxana Ionescu, Madalina Bucur, Flavia Lungu, George Trandafir

19.04.2021 – Author: George Trandafir

13.04.2021 – Authors: Roxana Ionescu, Madalina Bucur, Daniel Stancescu, Madalina Panca, Ramona Stefan and Lucian Barbu

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