The Bucharest Court of Appeals has annulled the Competition Council’s decision to impose a fine on a large pensions fund for breach of competition rules, ending a dispute which started in 2010. It was the first instance where the competition authority found a breach not only of the Competition Law, but also of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

The European Court of Justice („ECJ”) has ruled on the case Vogtländische Straßen-, Tief- und Rohrleitungsbau GmbH Rodewisch (C-587/10).

Statement of Objections sent to 13 suspected participants in retail food packaging cartel

Order 1286/2012 approving the Accounting Regulations in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards applicable to companies whose securities are traded on a regulated market was published in Official Gazette 687/2012

Order no. 1.529/2012 approving the model and content of Form (097) ”Notification for the application/termination of the VAT cash deferment system” was published in Official Gazette 707/2012

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