Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen announced the promotion to equity partners of Simona Neagu, Sorina Olaru (Cretu), Ioana Niculeasa and Emil Bivolaru. The partnership structure now consists of twelve equity partners and four salaried partners.

Government Decision 50/2012 amending and completing the Methodological Norms for the application of the Fiscal Code was published in Official Gazette 78/2012

Government Ordinance 2/2012 amending and completing the Fiscal Procedure Code was published in Official Gazette 71/2012

Published in “Ziarul Financiar”, no. 3328, 2012

With cloud computing gaining more and more momentum as compared with the more traditional alternatives for companies to deal with their software applications, data access and storage needs, inevitable questions arise in respect of how such data are actually managed and controlled in a cloud computing environment. One of the most often repeated questions tends to be to what extent providing the data to cloud computing service providers exposes the companies to additional risks of public authorities’ interception or may lead to breaches of individuals’ privacy rights, especially when the service providers use means located in countries such as the USA, that have in place enactments such as the 2001 USA PATRIOT Act allowing for this type of interception. But when taking a closer look, one cannot help but notice that this is a false issue, as similar interception powers are already set out in the Romanian legislation and, therefore, already apply to the companies’ data and communications that would be transferred to the cloud computing service providers.

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