NNDKP organized and hosted the annual meeting of the International Attorneys Club (IAC) at the beginning of June.

In M.O. no. 596/26 June 2024, the GEO no. 78/2024 for the amendment of the Fiscal Code in the field of VAT and excise duties was published and in M.O. 597/27 June 2024, the Order no. 1.337/1.268/2024 for the approval of the updated Procedure for the use and operation of the RO e-Transport system was published


In the Official Gazette no. 582/21 June 2024, there were published the Emergency Ordinance no. 69/2024 for the amendment of the national system RO e-Invoice and the amendment of cash registers legislation and the Emergency Ordinance no. 70/2024 on some measures for the implementation and use of the pre-filled RO e-VAT Return

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