Ana-Maria Baciu discussed with Casino Review about Romania’s casinos licensing framework.

Ana-Maria Baciu and Andreea Bende discussed with CEE Legal Matters about the astringent issues faced by intellectual property rights holders nowadays: enforcing their rights on the Internet.

NNDKP, the exclusive member in Romania for Lex Mundi, contributed the Romanian Chapter to the guide.

News regarding the .ro internet domains

According to a press release published on the website of the Romanian Registry of .ro internet domains (ROTLD), the Management Council of ICI Bucharest (the competent authority in relation to internet domains) decided on 14 July that an yearly maintenance fee shall be charged for each .ro internet domain. The fee shall amount to EUR 6 (VAT excluded) per year for accredited ROTLD registrars (meaning that the fee charged by the registrars in their turn will be decided by them, on a case by case basis, and will probably be higher than EUR 6) and the fee charged by the ICI Bucharest Registrar (i.e. if the domain name has been acquired directly from and not through another accredited Registrar) shall amount to EUR 12/year + VAT. The fee shall be applicable starting with March 1st, 2018.


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