Alexandra Vacaru – Speaker at the Specialized Conference for Romanian Judges on ”Preliminary questions”

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Monday, the 3rd of October 2016, Alexandra Vacaru attended the third specialized conference of the project “Improving the enforcement of competition rules in Romania”, organized by Freedom House in partnership with the European Commission and the National Institute for Magistracy.

Alexandra held a presentation on State liability for the refusal to referring a preliminary ruling.

Other speakers at the conference were also:

  • Santiago Soldevila, former judge to the General Court of European Union, currently national judge to the Administrative Supreme Court of Spain
  • Geraud Sajust de Bergues d’Escalup, member of Conseil d’Etat, former French Governmental Agent for ECJ
  • Cristina Butacu, Director, Competition Council’s Legal Directorate
  • Mrs. Daniela Badila, General Director, Competition Council

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