ZIARUL FINANCIAR organized last week the annual ZF Conference – Top Transactions for the year 2016. The organizers aimed for this year to reunite the players of the biggest transactions in the Romanian sector, consultants, investment funds active on the Romanian market, as well as contractors who performed exits.

On April 15, the Judicial Science Society organized the conference “Difficult issues in labor law” with the support of Juridice.ro, and in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, at the CCIR Business Center, Alexandru Ioan Cuza Amphitheatre.

During March 17 and 18, the annual HR Summit conference was organized in Cluj-Napoca.  NNDKP was a partner of the event.

Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen Legal & Tax organized a new edition of its Lex Atelier workshop series, with Ziarul Financiar as media partner. The main subject up for debate was “Management Decisions and Liability”, NNDKP’s lawyers and consultants tackling the issue from multiple legal and tax perspectives and a multi-disciplinary approach that resulted in a practical crash-course on taxation issues, competition law and employment matters.

Our colleagues Alina Timofti (partner) and Adina Vizoli (tax director) from the NNDKP Tax Advisory team analyzed the novel elements of anti-fraud control at TaxEU, one of the most important local events on fiscal issues.

Partner Ana-Maria Baciu, NNDKP, explained the challenges and legal limitations of promoting pharmaceutical products at the first Pharma Marketing Conference.

During the two-day TaxEU 2014 conference, Partner Ana-Maria Miron and Senior Tax Managers Lucian Barbu and Adina Vizoli, NNDKP Tax Advisory Services, approached in detail the issue of tax control.

This year, the ninth edition of the NNDKP Special Award was offered to Hella Romania, one of the largest manufacturers of electronic components for the automotive industry, for its contribution to the industrial development of the region, consisting in setting up its sixth international corporate center, near Timișoara.

At the Promotions360 conference, organized by Evensys and supported by Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen (NNDKP), Roxana Ionescu spoke about the use of data bases in promotions. NNDKP’s Partner reviewed the methods that can be used to prevent the risks to which companies are exposed when collecting and using personal data, so that those data bases become a real support tool for the marketing activities. Promotions360 is an event dedicated to marketing, FMCG and retail professionals and is intended to open multiple learning and networking opportunities, while approaching topics such as innovation in retail, the Romanian consumer’s behavior, efficient strategies and tactics for online and in-store promotions, concepts and techniques used to attract and increase consumer loyalty.

Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen’s (NNDKP) Cluj-Napoca office was a partner at the Intermediate Meeting of the FBE Congress organized by the European Bars Federation (FBE) with the help of the Cluj County Bar between 17 and 19 October 2013.

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