Roxana Abrasu – Speaker at the seminar “Latest news in the field of labor law”

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NNDKP together with Enterprise Europe Network Center part of the Constanţa Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Navigation and Agriculture organized on December 7, 2022 in the city of Constanta the seminar “Latest news in the field of labor law”.

Roxana Abrasu, Partner and Co-head of NNDKP’s Employment Practice, delivered a presentation on the most recent changes brought to the Labor Code and addressed relevant questions, including:

  • which are the modifications that bring significant changes in work relationships and how should they be addressed by the employers?
  • do employers need to prepare for additional “sensitive” requests from their employees?
  • which are the new rights guaranteed for employees?
  • do the new amendments bring a new perspective to some of the consecrated employment law notions (e.g. the probationary period)?
  • do these new legislative changes bring in extended protection for employees?
  • which are the mechanisms through which the employer observes the employees’ rights and also ensures business dynamism and continuity?

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