Alina Timofti, Lucian Barbu and Marius Ezer – First CELF event in 2023

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Alina Timofti (Partner, Tax Advisory Services), Lucian Barbu (Partner, Tax Advisory Services) and Marius Ezer (Partner, Dispute Resolution) opened the series of events scheduled to take place in 2023 as part of NNDKP’s Center of Excellence in Legal Disputes (CELF) initiative.

During the first event organized under the CELF umbrella, NNDKP professionals shared their views on the fiscal inspection in the digital age and explored whether the new procedures entailed the same responsibilities and accountability.

Other key topics covered during the discussions:

  • What changes in 2023 and down the line, from a procedural perspective?
  • What brought about these procedural changes?
  • Anti-fraud control – what is new?
  • The integrated risk management system

More details about the event are available here (in Romanian only).

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