Ruxandra Bologa – Speaker at ZF Conference – Top Transactions

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ZIARUL FINANCIAR organized last week the annual ZF Conference – Top Transactions for the year 2016. The organizers aimed for this year to reunite the players of the biggest transactions in the Romanian sector, consultants, investment funds active on the Romanian market, as well as contractors who performed exits.

The conference focused on the revival of the merger and acquisition market and the opportunities that are shaping up for the year 2016, as well as for the following 5 years.

Ruxandra Bologa spoke about the fields that could bring significant transactions in the following period:

“I’m still counting on energy, because who has cash now can buy assets for a good price. Another field that prospered and I think will continue to show progress is the agro-business. There are investors from Scandinavia and other regions who managed to amass significant areas”.


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