Promotions at NNDKP: A New Partner and 19 Lawyers and Consultants in the Seniority Structure

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Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen (NNDKP) announced today that Valentin Voinescu was promoted to partner in the banking and finance department.

Moreover, 10 senior attorneys were promoted to managing associates, 7 lawyers to senior associates and 2 tax managers to tax directors.

The promoted professionals had a significant contribution to the consolidation and increase in work volume of their practices and offices, namely dispute resolution (where Cătălin Radbâță, Daniela Gramaticescu, Marius Ezer, Valeriu Mina, Corina Iablonschi were promoted), banking and finance (Valentin Voinescu, Larisa Țugui), real estate (Irina Dimitriu, Vlad Tănase, Ioana Grigoriu), tax (Adina Vizoli, Sorin Mociofan), intellectual property (Delia Belciu), capital markets (Diana Ispas), immigration (Alexandru Lupu), employment (Delia Paceagiu), corporate and contracts (Delia Ropan), the Timișoara (Eva Forika, Delia Băroianu) and Cluj-Napoca offices (Cristina Bidiga).
There are many young lawyers whose great potential – professional, human, leadership – needs to be seen and cultivated to form the future key attorneys of the firm. And high chances are that they become the next core lawyers in the Romanian legal environment. The promoted colleagues have shown, time and time again, that they have the skills to encourage and inspire their fellow teammates in reaching their common objectives together – not only through their professional abilities, but also by their integrity, human values and credibility. We congratulate them and wish them to continue to succeed, motivating their colleagues and contributing to the training of future generations of lawyers, equally capable as themselves to face the challenges of the legal profession for the next 25 years,” believes Manuela Nestor, one of NNDKP’s co-managing partners.

Following these promotions, the team has 20 partners (18 lawyers and 2  tax advisors), 110 attorneys, 18 tax consultants, 3 intellectual property counselors and 75 employees in the administrative departments.

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