NNDKP celebrates 15 years in Timisoara

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15 years ago we opened the Timisoara office in order to provide prompt and efficient legal and fiscal advice to our clients whose businesses cover the counties of Arad, Bihor, Caraș-Severin, Hunedoara and Timiș.

Fifteen years later, the added value that we brought to our clients is reflected in the substance, effectiveness and excellency that characterize our legal and fiscal consultancy services, as well as in the professional authority and high ethical standards for which we are appreciated by courts and arbitration bodies, administrative authorities and competitors alike.

Although perfection is an ideal, we will never cease to pursue it for our clients.

For 15 years now we have been making a contribution to the dynamics of the business environment in Timisoara.

Thank you for being with us as we continue this journey together!

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