NNDKP Supports a German Infrastructure Joint Venture in the Award of the Contract for the Rehabilitation of the Alba-Iulia Water Infrastructure

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Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen successfully represented a joint venture betwen two large German infrastructure providers before the Alba Court of Appeals, obtaining the dismissal of the complaint filed by another joint venture against the decision of the National Council for Solving Complaints (NCSC) that had dismissed the complaint of the same offeror.

The contract, which has as object the construction of the Purification Plant of Residual Water Alba-Iulia together with the pipe for discharging the effluent, will be carried out over a period of 36 months and is part of a more complex project, namely the extension and rehabilitation of the water and residual water infrastructure in Alba county. The project benefits from European financing in proportion of 78.41% through the Environment Sectorial Operational Program.

The project was coordinated by two NNDKP partners, Adina Chilim-Dumitriu on the public procurement side and Radu Damaschin on the dispute resolutionmatters.

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