NNDKP secures an irrevocable decision on behalf of Azomures against GFR in a complex commercial dispute stemming from a framework agreement

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NNDKP successfully represented the company Azomureș in a commercial dispute that involved damages in the amount of EUR 15 million, representing lost profits pursuant to a framework transportation agreement.

In this dispute that lasted seven years and involved complex procedural steps, including quashing and remanding for re-adjudication on appeal, a change of venue at the opponent’s request, an annulment claim and several expert opinions, the court issued a final decision whereby it irrevocably dismissed the claim filed by GFR against Azomureș, represented by NNDKP. In March 2018, NNDKP was successful in obtaining the court’s dismissal of the last procedural claim advanced by GFR as an extraordinary objection.

The NNDKP team involved in this dispute included Daniela Gramaticescu, Partner, and Cristina Bidiga, Managing Associate, NNDKP Cluj-Napoca.

“Throughout these seven years of hard work we succeeded in persuading the courts that our legal arguments were correct. We are very happy with the result, which of course represents a significant win for our client, Azomureș, but also confirms NNDKP once again as a leader in legal thinking. From a legal perspective, this decision is a novel approach in court practice, especially that of the High Court of Cassation and Justice, which will clearly become a benchmark for future decisions. NNDKP’s contribution is also emphasized in the clarity of the legal arguments and the way in which the legal team managed the unexpected challenges posed by such a complex dispute” stated Daniela Gramaticescu, Partner.

“We are very happy with the outcome of this project. It was an extensive dispute that involved great effort from everyone on the team and we are delighted that our legal arguments were correctly adopted by the courts in this case” added Cristina Bidiga, Managing Associate.

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