NNDKP CELF launches CELF community together with Oameni și Companii

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The NNDKP Center of Excellence in Fiscal Disputes (NNDKP CELF) has launched together with Oameni si Companii – OSC the CELF community, which is designed to provide a forum for debate for specialists in the legal and finance departments of companies, top executives and entrepreneurs.

The CELF community will organize throughout 2023 a series of events during which NNDKP specialists and their guests will explore theoretical and practical aspects of topical issues in the tax field.

Alina Timofti, Partner with NNDKP Tax Advisory Services and one of the founding members of CELF, sees many benefits in having in-house legal and finance specialists and managers among the participants in the community’s events. “First of all, in an extremely dynamic fiscal environment, you need to rely on the available expertise and practical knowledge, and we can offer this through our Center of Excellence in Fiscal Disputes – CELF, which has been active since 2019. Ever since it was created, NNDKP CELF has provided integrated services to the company’s clients from the initial stage of a fiscal dispute throughout the litigation stage before the Romanian courts, combining the experience, technical skills and perspective of NNDKP tax consultants and lawyers specialized in tax disputes. This integrated approach helped us amass a wealth of experience and develop best practices in this area over the years, all extremely valuable in handling fiscal disputes.”

The participants in CELF community’s events will benefit from several interesting opportunities: “In the community, we discuss particular cases and solutions which can prove extremely useful for mitigating tax noncompliance risks faced by an organization, and we offer participants opportunities to interact with professionals from various industries and regions of the country, including specialists invited as special guests. We have tested this community-based approach in a pilot project and received very good feedback”, indicated Alina Timofti.

The CELF community had its first online meeting in February and will continue to meet every month, over the next 6 months. Topics are proposed by participants and everyone who wishes to keep abreast of the activities and themes discussed can subscribe to the NNDKP newsletter, the OSC newsletter and follow the CELF community LinkedIn page and NNDKP LinkedIn page. Participation in CELF community’s events is free, but you will need to register and confirm your participation.


CELF joins the ecosystem of communities built and managed by OSC, which provides access to a pool of more than 250.000 specialists, managers, entrepreneurs and opinion leaders from over 100 business and professional communities.

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