NNDKP Becomes “Legal & Tax”

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Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen (NNDKP) has announced the refinement of its identity by adding the “Legal & Tax” tagline. This reflects the synergies, built over the past six years, between its legal consultancy/dispute resolution and the tax consultancy.

NDKP’s objective is to emphasize its professional leadership in these areas, by constantly aiming to deliver innovative and integrated multidisciplinary solutions to its clients:

“Whether it’s about closing a deal or resolving a dispute, our goal is to always reach the best possible result. The integrated legal & tax concept aims to maximize the coordination of inter-departmental activities, so as to ensure that clients receive one comprehensive solution that they can entrust to be viable and functional from both a fiscal and a legal perspective. In other words, we look at issues from the clientspoint of view; we are a team that pursues a common objective and not just a mere service provider and the decision to re-affirm this vision is a reflection of our day-to-day activities, states Ion Nestor, NNDKP co-managing partner.

More and more clients expect to receive a single opinion instead of two sometimes divergent ones which they then have to reconcile internally in order to take the right decision. In this context, the role of the NNDKP team is that of an integrator of the legal and fiscal opinions, so that the client can simultaneously benefit from the risk evaluation and the optimal recommendations from both perspectives, as well as from full support during the decision implementation. The formal communication of this authentic ability, supported by solid, highly specialized teams, through a pragmatic approach that takes into account the specifics of the industry and of the business, was a normal step in our long-term development strategy, explains Marius Ionescu, a Partner with NNDKP Tax Advisory Services.

Consequently, adding the “Legal & Taxtagline to the firms brand message is a natural expression of the development of the business law and tax consultancy markets, which today more frequently require an approach that fully integrates these two professional disciplines.

Using mixed teams comprising both attorneys and tax consultants has increasingly become an imperative, given the characteristics of the economic environment. Litigations with the state authorities, whether civil/commercial or administrative-fiscal, have become more and more frequent, a context which requires a different approach, both from a preventive and a post-factum standpoint. I believe that we are starting to see the beginning of a paradigm shift in the relationship between the taxpayer and the State in both directions and therefore the assistance provided to clients is becoming increasingly complex,” adds Marius Ionescu.

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