Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen Establishes a Strategic Alliance with Transfer Pricing Services

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Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen (NNDKP) and Transfer Pricing Services (TPS), the main independent tax consultant in transfer pricing, announced their strategic partnership.

The objective of the NNDKP-TPS alliance is to continue to offer a complete package of legal and tax services for the Romanian companies part of a national or multinational group, in the context where the intra-group transactions have become one of the “hottest” topics in the area of fiscal services.

”Having understood the companies’ need for complex, interdisciplinary services, NNDKP was the first Romanian law firm that integrated the tax consultancy and the legal services. Now, when transfer pricing is becoming increasingly important at national and international level, NNDKP has decided to create the alliance with TPS to consolidate its resources in this area. We are considering the recent practice of the Romanian authorities in the field, as well as the future changes deriving mainly from the action plan against BEPS. Our clients’ scope is to meet the requirements of the tax legislation and, from this perspective, complying to the transfer pricing regulations has a key role in their approaches”,

declared Ion Nestor, one of NNDKP’s Founding Partners.

A G8 initiative later developed by OECD, The Action Plan against BEPS is likely to trigger changes in the fiscal legislation related to the business models of the groups of companies, focusing on the economic content of the transactions and on the prices for closing the transactions between affiliates. Following the international trends, the Romanian authorities are expected to place a growing importance to these issues.

”Everything that is related to the transfer pricing is now considered, in the entire world, as the scapegoat for the income below expectations that the tax authorities obtain from taxing the companies’ businesses. Legislations are changing and so does the way the authorities check the intra-group transactions. Therefore, we realized it was time we associated a strong component of legal services to our offer, to create a pool of top professionals in the legal and tax consultancy in Romania”,

states Adrian Luca, TPS’s Founding Partner.

“We have been collaborating with Adrian and his team since the establishment of TPS. I am glad that this cooperation now turns into a strategic alliance, which will strengthen the resources of the involved practices”,

believes Alina Timofti, one of NNDKP’s Tax Partners.

The NNDKP-TPS alliance will provide from assistance for implementing an intra-group transaction and/or representation during the tax audits and the related litigations, to representation in international arbitrations in the disputes with the tax authorities.

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