NNDKP hosts the International Attorneys Club (IAC) Annual Meeting 2024

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NNDKP organized and hosted the annual meeting of the International Attorneys Club (IAC) at the beginning of June.

The International Attorneys Club is a network of independent law firms in Europe, of which NNDKP is a member, along with esteemed law firms in Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, The Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Serbia, Israel, Greece, and Turkey.

The main theme of this year’s meeting was “Workplace wellbeing and mental health in law firms“.

Over the course of three days, NNDKP’s guests participated in engaging discussion sessions, one of the speakers being Octavian Pantiș, trainer, entrepreneur, best-selling author and co-founder of Qualians, and had the opportunity to discover Bucharest and Romanian hospitality.

It was an extraordinary opportunity to get together with our IAC friends and to enjoy the beauty of Bucharest and its culinary delights.

Being part of the IAC and working together with highly esteemed lawyers across Europe and beyond is a true honor for us.

We look forward to the next annual meeting of the International Attorneys Club that will take place in The Hague, the Netherlands.

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