Employment Flash No. 11/2020 – News on the templates of the documents necessary to apply for state support of a part of the salary for a category of employees

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The Order of the president of the National Workforce Agency no. 457/03.06.2020 on the approval of the templates for the documents provided by the Art. II Para. (2) of GEO no. 92/2020  has been published within the Official Gazette no. 481 dated 5 June 2020.

The three documents necessary in order to apply for the settlement from the state of a part of the salary of employees that return from technical unemployment (41.5%, but no more than 41.5% of the medium gross income), for which templates are available in the annexes of the Order at hand are as follows:

  • a request signed and dated by the legal representative of the employer;

This request contains, among others, the identification data of the employer, the reference to the month/trimester for which the support is requested and the number of employees regarding which the sums in question are requested.

The employer attaches to this request a copy of the document proving the payment of the fiscal obligations corresponding to the month/trimester in question.

  • an affidavit/personal declaration regarding employer’s compliance with the obligations provided by GEO no. 92/2020;

By means of this affidavit, the employer declares on its own responsibility the following:

– the fact that the employees in question had their contracts suspended (for at least 15 days during the state of emergency or the state of alert) and received the technical unemployment allowance, either supported by the state or fully borne/paid by the employer;

– the fact that the employer complied with its declaration and payment obligations regarding salaries for which the request is submitted;

– the fact that the employer has not opted for the technical unemployment support for the employees in question (for the period after June 1st, 2020), as provided by art. X of GEO no. 92/2020;

– the fact that the employer is not in any situation for which GEO no. 92/2020 does not apply.

  • the list of persons for which the settlement of a percentage of the salary is requested.

The template for the list contains a series of columns referring to:

– personal data of the employees (name, surname, personal identification code, level of education, urban/rural residence);

– the gross base salary corresponding to the position held;

– the number of days for which the employment contract has been suspended during the state of emergency or the state of alert (that will be filled in according to the General Registry of Employees – REVISAL);

– the number of hours actually worked during the month for which the request is made (including the hours corresponding to the days of annual leave used, if any);

– the settlement sum requested (according to the percentage and cap mentioned by GEO no. 92/2020).

Note:  The documents referred to within the Order at hand may be submitted anytime between the 1st and the 25th of the month following the one for which the support is requested.

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