We are pleased to announce that the expanded Global Attorney-Client Privilege Guide prepared by Lex Mundi is now available, making it the broadest resource of its kind. This first-of-its-kind guide allows users to compare common and civil law attorney-client privilege information for 105 jurisdictions around the world.

Acest articol a fost pregătit pentru și a fost publicat pentru prima dată în suplimentul-ediție specială din luna septembrie 2021 Bancherii al revistei Piata Financiara, o publicație lunară editată de FinMedia SRL.

This article was prepared for and first appeared in the Romanian gambling industry magazine Casino Inside.

Published in Real Estate Guide 2021 by Business Review

Authors: Adriana I. Gaspar, Roxana Ionescu, Roxana Abrasu, George Trandafir, Madalina Bucur

This article was prepared for and first appeared in Investment Reports – Real Estate in Romania and Poland 2021.

Author: Ana Diculescu-Șova

18.06.2021 – Author: Adriana I. Gaspar

Author: Valentin Voinescu

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