NNDKP Legal & Tax Conference, 2nd edition 2019

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On 6 November 2019, NNDKP and Ziarul Financiar organized the second edition of the Legal & Tax conference titled “How do we manage tax and macro(economics) risks in 2020?”.

During the first part of the conference, our lawyers and consultants and their guest tackled topics of interest related to the Romanian economy:

  • How do we manage tax and (macro)economics risks in 2020?
  • What are the instruments available for companies and authorities?
  • Are we heading to (total) transparency between tax authorities and tax payers?
  • How will the Romanian tax system and tax disputes look in the BEPS era?

The lineup of speakers included: Ciprian Dascalu (Chief Economist, BCR), Alina Timofti, Marius Ionescu and Marius Ezer.

The second part of the event focused on aspects that should be on our radar in 2020:

  • Anti-abuse rules and artificial arrangements; recent developments at national and international level
  • Tax procedure instruments available to tax payers involved in tax disputes
  • VAT 20’20: the impact of “quick fixes” package
  • 6 reasons why one should pay attention to DAC 6 in the following 6 months

The speakers included: Silviu Badescu, Lucian Barbu, Daniela Gramaticescu, Alexandru Aparaschivei, Adrian Luca (Manager Partner, Transfer Pricing Services).

More information about the event is available here.

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