IT, Media and Telecommunications Newsletter No. 5/2009

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Government Decision no. 444/2009 approving the Government Strategy for the development of broadband electronic communications in Romania for the period 2009-2015 (hereinafter “GD 444/2009”) was published in the Official Gazette no. 525/2009. The document is structured in 5 main sections, according to the major items of analysis:

– defining the concept of broadband electronic communications and presenting the envisaged benefits of the development of broad band communication services;
– analysis of the current situation in Romania;
– defining general principles and strategic goals;
– drafting the action plan;
– identifying all necessary measures and financing options;
The action strategy detailed in GD 444/2009 includes in its first stage setting up a special operational entity with the role of implementing the governmental strategy for development of the broad band communications services.
The role of operational entity shall belong to the working group established pursuant to a decision of the inter-ministerial Council “The Council Promoting the Informational Society in Romania”, a group that will monitor the implementation process of the projects related to the development of the broadband electronic communications infrastructure as support for promoting information services.
The working group will have the following responsibilities:
1. drafting a plan within a term of two months from its establishment for the purpose of developing the broadband services at national level, pursuant to the principles and objectives set out in the underlying strategy, emphasizing specific actions, stages, the relevant institution/department, the source of finance, etc.;
2. establishing the strategic directions for the transition to an information society in Romania;
3. monitoring the implementation of the broadband infrastructure and services projects exceeding EUR 100,000.
4. establishing the main actions for modernizing central administration using information technology methods and instruments;
5. underlying the opportunity for granting state aids for development of broadband communications, observing the legal provisions in force.

For the purpose of establishing the methodology and monitoring the implementation of the strategy, a working group will be set up, comprising of the representatives of the Ministry of Communications and Informational Society, the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation, the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Public Finances, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises, of Commerce and of the Business Environment, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the Ministry of Regional Development and Housing, the Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Protection, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forests and Rural Development, the Ministry of Health and the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications.Following the amendments brought to the competence of the Ministry of Communications and Informational Society (“MCSI”) under the Government Decision no. 12/2009, a series of normative acts issued as ANCOM Decisions were repealed and replaced with the Orders issued by MCSI.
Consequently, the following documents were adopted:
a) Order no. 488/2009 regarding the procedure of verification and homologation of the informational systems intended for operations consisting in invoices issued in electronic format, as well as norms of performance and security with respect to informational systems used by persons who issue, deliver or archive invoices, receipts and fiscal bills in electronic format. This normative act maintains the procedure regarding the verification and homologation of the informational systems provided in Decision no. 888/2008.
b) Order no. 500/2009 regarding the Technical and Methodological Norms for enforcement of Law no. 589/2004 regarding the judicial regime of the notary electronic activity. This normative deed replaces Decision no. 221/2005.

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