Tax Flash no.10/2020 – Additional fiscal support measures in the context of the COVID-19

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Emergency Ordinance no. 99/ 2020  regarding certain fiscal measures, amending some normative acts and extending some deadlines was published in  the Official Gazette 551/2020

  • Taxpayers liable to pay the tax specific to certain activities do not owe specific tax for a period of 90 days calculated from the date of entry into force of the Ordinance.
  • Imports and intra- Community acquisitions of personal protective masks and medical ventilators for intensive care, carried out by the responsible public institutions until 1 October 2020 are VAT exempt. The VAT exemption shall be applied based on the beneficiary institution ‘own responsibility statement, which shall be submitted with the competent customs authority at the time of import
  • Tax liabilities due from 21 March 2020 and not paid by 25 October 2020 inclusive are not considered overdue and no interest and late payment penalties will be calculated and due in this respect.
  • The forced execution by seizure of budget receivables (with certain exceptions) is suspended until October 25, 2020.
  • The deadline by which no interest and penalties are calculated and not due for late payment of installments in the unpaid installment charts is extended until 25 October 2020.
  • Until October 25, 2020, the VAT requested for reimbursement through returns submitted within the legal submission deadline is reimbursed by the fiscal authority with the subsequent performance of the fiscal inspection.

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