Law 60/2019 amending Law no. 227/2015 regarding the Fiscal Code was published in Official Gazette 296/2019

The Emergency Ordinance no. 19 regarding the amendment and completion of certain normative acts was published in Official Gazette 245/2019

The European Court of Justice (“ECJ”) ruled in case C-275/18 Vinš on 28 March 2019

Brexit – news from the European Commission

Order no. 167/2019 for the amendment of Order no. 2856/2017 regarding the VAT registration procedure, was published in the Official Gazette no. 80/2019

The Communication, Public Relations and Mass Media department within the National Agency of Fiscal Administration notified through Press Release A_RPC 82/23.01.2019 that ANAF has launched operation “Iceberg”

Law no. 30/2019 for the approval of Government Emergency Ordinance no. 25/2018 regarding the amendment of certain normative acts, as well as for the approval of certain budgetary fiscal measures, was published in Official Gazette no. 44/2019

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