Employment Flash News No. 3/2019 – News on value tickets

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Government Decision no. 1045/2018 on the approval of the Methodological Norms on the application of the Law no. 165/2018 on granting of value tickets was published within the Official Gazette no. 24 dated January 9th, 2019.

The generic term of “value ticket” defines meal tickets, gift tickets, crèche tickets, cultural tickets and vacation vouchers

The new legal provisions set forth some important aspects regarding the validity of value tickets, as follows:

  • The value ticket, except for the meal ticket, has a validity of one year from its issuance in paper form, respectively from the charging date for the ticket issued in electronic form;
  • The meal ticket is valid in its issuance year, except for the meal ticket issued between November 1st and December 31st, which can be used until December 31st in the following year;

The Methodological Norms also provide that employers, together with trade union organizations/employees representatives, have to establish, by collective employment labour or by their Internal regulation, clauses on the granting of value tickets which shall include at least the following:

  • the number of employees from the company who can receive value tickets and the nominal value granted, taking into account the employers’ financial possibilities;
  • the categories of employees receiving value tickets;
  • selection criteria to determine the employees receiving meal vouchers, taking into account the socio-professional priorities and other elements specific to the activity;
  • the concrete determination of the activities, destinations and events falling within the category of social expenses, for which the gift vouchers, crèche and cultural tickets will be granted, as the case may be, and which will be subject to commercial services agreements with the issuing units;
  • the documentation to be provided by the employee to the employer for granting crèche tickets.

The new legal provisions also establish particular technical aspects regarding each category of value ticket.

We remind you that employers have to agree to contract the purchase of value tickets with one or more issuing units together with trade union organizations/employees representatives and that  employers are obliged to organize an own record for value tickets in paper form, respectively in electronic form.

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