Employment Flash News No. 14/2018

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News on internship

The Order of the minister of labor and social justice no. 2,004/2018 regarding the approval of the standard templates for the internship certificate and contract, as well as the formal request for employment stimulation premium was published within the Official Gazette no. 865, dated October 12, 2018.

As it also results from its title, the normative act provides the standard template for:

  • The internship certificate
  • The internship contract
  • The formal request for employment stimulation premium.

The mentioned normative act entered into force on the date of its publication within the Official Gazette. We hereby remind you that Law no. 176/2018 regarding internship entered into force on August 18, 2018.

According to the legal provisions, the internship contract represents the contract concluded between the intern and the host company, for a limited duration, on which basis the intern undertakes to professionally train and develop and to perform specific activity for and under the authority of a host company that undertakes to ensure an internship indemnity and all necessary conditions for the fulfillment of the purpose of internship programs provided by the law.

The internship certificate represents the document concluded by the host company upon finalization of the internship program that ascertains the period when the intern performed activity based on the internship contract, the performed activities, as well as the grade obtained after the evaluation.

Moreover, the legislation regarding internship contains provisions on the possibility to conclude an employment contract upon termination of the internship contract. If this employment contract is concluded within 60 days as of the completion of the internship program, the host company receives, upon request, under the conditions provided by the law, an employment stimulation premium amounting  RON 4,586 for each person so employed, after the fulfilment of the condition to maintain working relations for an uninterrupted period of at least 24 months.

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