Roxana Abrasu – speaker at the Working Romania conference organized by Business Review

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In the current economic and social environment, employers and employees alike face a constant pressure to offer viable answers to the questions regarding the future of work, as a concept.

The bi-annual event “Working Romania”, already at its 7th edition, took place on 31 March 2022 and brought together representatives of the business community, relevant authorities and other concerned parties to discuss the latest trends in the field of human resources and to touch upon the hot topics of the moment.

Roxana Abrasu, Partner and Head of NNDKP’s Employment Law practice, participated as a speaker in the event and had a number of interventions during its first panel titled 2022 Outlook: Romanian workforce market, trends, challenges, opportunities.

During her interventions, Roxana offered a legal perspective on topics such as:

  • the flexible working arrangement in the new “working reality”
  • the proposal to reduce the working week from 5 to 4 days per week and aspects to be considered from a legal standpoint
  • work-life balance and the directions the European Directive is focusing on
  • legal labor context for Ukrainian refugees in Romania

“It is a certainty that, at least for the near future, employment relationships will be governed by the “hybrid work” concept, with certain percentages of time associated to physical presence in the office and remote activity.

I believe that this new reality will create a variety of situations that will require careful evaluation, so that the risks and obligations of each party involved in the “employee-employer” work relationship would be managed as efficiently as possible and by observing the applicable legal provisions.  A relevant example is the situation where an employee works remotely, in a location outside Romania. In this scenario, in setting up the collaboration manner, employers must consider that their obligations regarding health and safety in the workplace are maintained; at the same time, there are tax related aspects that give rise to additional obligations that the employer must analyze”, explained Roxana during her interventions.

The full recording of the event is available here.

Details about the agenda and the speakers are available here.

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