Whistleblower Webinar, July 2021

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By December 17th 2021, Romania must complete the process of transposing into national law the Directive for the protection of persons who report breaches of Union law (the “Whistleblowers’ Directive). Similarly to other countries, Romania intends to expand the protective measures significantly beyond the requirements of the directive.

In this context, Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen (NNDKP) organized on Tuesday, 13 July 2021, starting 15:00 p.m. (Romania time), the webinar:

Decoding and systematizing the obligations of employers: Essential Legal and Tech requirements to ensure compliance with the Whistleblowing Legislation

during which we discussed the rigors that companies/ the private business sector/ employers in general must comply with, as soon as the law transposing the Directive entered into force.

NNDKP lawyers together with our guest, a representative from WhistleB, a leading provider of whistleblowing management software, with whom NNDKP has entered into an exclusive partnership for Romania, addressed relevant topics, such as:

  • Minimum investments and maximum results; ensuring compliance through the right/optimal sizing of time related efforts and financial resources.
  • Why may existing whistleblowing systems, which companies have already used for a number of years now, prove to be insufficient for companies?
  • What are the technical requirements, and what are the options available to ensure compliance with the legislation on the whistleblowers’ protection but also on the protection of personal data?
  • Data protection in practice. What to consider in the „Whistleblower” context?
  • The good and the bad – how can we facilitate whistleblowing and reward whistleblowers? Aspects regarding the protection against pseudo-whistleblowers.
  • The legal framework regarding the protection of whistleblowers in labor relations.
  • Liability of whistleblowers for violations committed as employees (including false reporting).
  • When should smaller employers start to observe the requirements for the protection of whistleblowers?



The webinar is part of the Act for Ethics initiative recently launched by NNDKP, a hub dedicated to the legal and fiscal aspects concerning business ethics and compliance. You can access the hub HERE.


About WhistleB

WhistleB is a leading provider of whistleblowing management software, used by hundreds of organisations in over 160 countries. WhistleB was founded in 2011, which makes it one of the most experienced whistleblowing system providers around. Following exponential growth, in 2019 WhistleB became part of NAVEX Global – the worldwide leader in integrated risk and compliance management software and services.

More details on WhistleB HERE.

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