Iurie Cojocaru – speaker at the „GDPR – Data Privacy Observer 2024” conference

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On January 25, Iurie Cojocaru, Partner and Head of the Data Protection Practice, was a speaker at the „GDPR – Data Privacy Observer 2024” conference.

Iurie Cojocaru talked during the conference`s first session of discussions and shared information on the personal data protection requirements resulting from the EU`s Data Act, recently entered into force.

Moreover, the third edition of the Romanian Review for Personal Data Protection and Security (RRPSDCP) Awards Gala took place within the conference and Iurie received the Award of Excellence for the efforts to promote and implement personal data protection rules in 2023.

The 40th edition of Legal Magazin publication was launched as well at the event, which includes an interview with Iurie about the challenges of applying the GDPR regulation during the almost 6 years since its entry into force, the latest developments in the field, as well as the work of the Data Protection practice he coordinates.

The event was organised by the Romanian Magazine for the Protection and Security of Personal Data (RRPSDCP) and Universul Juridic Publishing House, with the support of ANSPDCP, ASCPD, CONAF and CCJB.

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