Alina Timofti, Sorina Olaru and Silviu Badescu – speakers at the fifth CELF event in 2023

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The CELF Community and NNDKP’s Center of Excellence in Tax Disputes (NNDKP CELF) held in September the fifth event part of the series of business gatherings scheduled for 2023, designed to provide a platform for relevant debates on topical tax matters.

On Thursday, September 21, our colleagues, Alina Timofti, Sorina Olaru and Silviu Badescu, together with Mihai Lupu, Partner, Transfer Pricing Services, discussed about aspects such as tax inspection – approaches of tax authorities, control topics, technical matters, procedural aspects regarding the transfer pricing file; voluntary transfer pricing adjustments and secondary adjustments; MAP; and the practice of the courts in the matter of transfer prices.

Details about the event are available here.

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