Alina Radu – speaker at the Banking Law Conference, 25th edition

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On October 22, 2021, the Faculty of Law of the West University of Timisoara, in collaboration with the National Bank of Romania, organized the 25th edition of the Banking Law Conference (in Romanian „Conferința de Drept Bancar”). The event is part of the prestigious Legal Colloquia of the National Bank of Romania.

The central theme of the conference was: „How appropriate is the common law for the specifics of the banking activity? The perspective of the jurisprudence.”

The conference aimed to tackle the issue of the adequacy of the institutions and mechanisms of common (private) law to the specific issues involved in the banking activity, and to emphasize, during the discussions, the perspective of the jurisprudence.

Alina Radu was invited to be one of the speakers of this prestigious event that benefited from the support and involvement of distinguished members of academia (i.e., professors from faculties of law and economic studies), as well as reputable representatives of the National Bank of Romania, credit institutions and leading law firms. Alina  delivered a presentation on the topic ”Complex loan security structures (security agent, mortgage beneficiary, trust). The Civil Code and the national and international practice”.

More details about the conference are available here (in Romanian).

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