NNDKP – Best Romanian Law Firm in the Gambling Field

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Casino Inside, a publication dedicated to the Romanian gaming industry, organized on December 8, 2016 the fifth edition of “The Reunion of the Gambling Professionals”. The conference was structured in seven panels discussing topics relevant to companies active in the gaming industry.

Ana-Maria Baciu and Cosmina Simion were invited as speakers to the panels Taxes and Legal Issues (with focus on “Revenues of the Players – Methods of Taxation”) as well as Responsible Gaming and Social Responsibility (offering a legal perspective on responsible gaming).

The conference was followed by “The Celebration of Romanian Gaming”, a gala that rewarded the best companies operating in the Romanian gaming sector based on the results of the survey carried out by Casino Inside between November 17-November 28, 2016.

Awards have been given to 25 categories, including “Best operator of arcades”, “Best gaming hall of the year”, “Best software solution for the gaming and betting industry, including virtual gaming and lotteries” or ” Best manufacturer of advertising signage of the gaming industry”.

NNDKP received the award for the category “Best Romanian law firm in the gambling field”.

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