agency and representation

Our professionals deliver a full range of representation services, focusing on value added tax, corporate income tax, and capital gain tax.

assistance in dealing with tax authorities

We communicate with the Romanian tax authorities on our clients’ behalf during tax audits, as well as to obtain advance clearances and binding rulings on various tax issues.

customized training

We design and deliver tax training tailored on each client’s needs. Our training sessions focus on practical matters, not just theory, to help our clients deal with the day-to-day tax issues in their specific businesses.

tax compliance

For us, tax compliance is more than just following the rules.

Taxation systems are becoming more complex, and the tax environment is changing rapidly in Romania and internationally. Our clients want to be sure that the tax base declared meets the legal requirements, in order to avoid undesirable tax penalties and costly tax disputes.

We help our clients manage their tax risks through a full range of Romanian tax compliance services. We not only give them greater confidence in their compliance practices, but we also can relieve them of the burdens of costly, time-consuming tasks such as data consolidation, preparing tax returns, and dealing with the tax authorities.

design of tax procedures

We help our clients develop and improve the functioning of their internal tax systems, by designing internal tax procedures and manuals.

We not only work closely with our clients to design and document procedures that are best for their organizations and business models, but we also provide ongoing guidance and support during and after implementation of the improved tax procedures.

We do more than just advise on points of tax law. Our comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach and unsurpassed business knowledge produce better management control and compliance, and increased visibility and awareness, throughout our clients’ organizations, of the substantial tax implications of day-to-day business operations.

tax diagnosis

Our tax diagnosis service is a thorough tax position analysis, which examines the most significant tax areas in each client’s business operations.

Our diagnostic findings and recommendations can help our clients to:

  • identify new opportunities for optimizing their tax costs
  • discover ways to minimize potential areas of tax exposure
  • identify and address tax savings and tax refund opportunities

tax due diligence

The tax due diligence process assesses the tax risks to which an acquisition target is exposed during the period subject to review. Combined with tax structuring and tax planning solutions, tax due diligence is a comprehensive integrated examination that helps investors make tax-efficient investments.

tax litigation

Our multidisciplinary teams advise and represent clients in a large array of contentious tax issues, ranging from drafting appeals of adverse decisions by the Romanian tax authorities, to support and representation through the entire litigation process.

Because we draw on legal and tax expertise and business insight from throughout our firm, our litigation teams can deliver a high level of efficient, commercially aware representation that is not available from most traditional law firms.

restructuring tax advice

Working closely with lawyers from practice groups across our firm, we help our clients assess and respond to the tax implications in mergers and acquisitions. We review and improve the full suite of restructuring documentation, such as merger plans and share and asset purchase agreements.

Our tax expertise and experience, combined with our firm’s traditional strengths in mergers and acquisitions, can create substantial tax savings for our clients, while also mitigating their tax risks.

transaction tax advice

We help our clients to anticipate, understand, and plan to respond effectively to the tax implications arising from business transactions such as:

  • acquisitions
  • disposals
  • re-financing activities
  • restructurings
  • initial public offerings

In each transaction, our goal is to mitigate our client’s tax risks, provide valuable negotiation insights, and enhance the value that our client derives from the deal.

transfer pricing services

Our transfer pricing practice helps our clients to manage the transfer pricing risks in their businesses by providing highly specialized transfer pricing services in an efficient, dynamic, and cost-conscious manner.

investment tax structuring and tax planning

NNDKP Tax team can provide useful guidelines for the implementation of tax efficient structures during the course of the investment, development, operational and exit phases.