Laura Agatinei
Marketing and Business Development Executive

+40 21 201 12 00


The technology sector is driven by initiative and a forward-thinking approach. Against this rapidly-changing state-of-the art background, the constant evolution of adjacent sectors and an increasingly heated debate on disruptive initiatives have turned this field into one of particular focus in recent years, including from a legal and tax perspective. Our expertise arises directly from a distinct understanding of this dynamic industry, which translates into thorough advice and astute legal insight.

Our clients include leading companies active in the following areas:

  • software
  • security and surveillance technology
  • semiconductors
  • analytical instruments, lab equipment and specialty diagnostics
  • security technologies, electronic and advanced materials, and energy efficient products and solutions
  • highly engineered bearings, gear drives, belts
  • development, manufacturing, and assembly of advanced aerospace structures

Traditional and emerging technologies alike require substantial, diverse and thorough interdisciplinary skills and legal insight that are the essential components of all-encompassing legal assistance. Our team’s solutions, both comprehensive and specifically tailored to the client’s needs, reflect its expertise in the areas of particular relevance to the sector:

  • intellectual property
  • consumer protection and product liability
  • regulatory
  • competition/antitrust (investigations or qualification of contracts/mechanisms from a competition perspective)
  • merger clearance (where complex market definition questions arise)
  • commercial contracts
  • environment
  • employment & labor
  • data protection
  • dispute resolution
  • tax

Our lawyers & consultants are engaged in either ad-hoc/non-transactional or transactional work. In the latter types of projects, when assisting technology companies in M&A transactions, we thoroughly weigh-in the specifics of the business, putting significant emphasis on ensuring that the full value of a company continues to be preserved after the transaction (when acting on behalf of the buyer)/is duly taken into account in negotiations (when acting on behalf of the seller).