Energy and Natural Resources

The exponential growth of energy demands worldwide, the continuously changing legislative framework and the pressure that operators and producers face from both civil society and government authorities, the rapid development of renewables, the energy efficiency aspects and its impact on the environment are only a few of the critical matters that require not only legal skills and micro-specialization in all energy activities, but also increased familiarity with the industry specifics and its challenges in a global context.

In this competitive and highly regulated environment, both international and domestic market participants have been relying on energy and natural resources lawyers for their practical experience and valuable advice in all the areas relevant to the sector: electricity, renewables, oil and gas, coal and mining.

We are known to offer viable legal and tax solutions, adapted to the specifics of our clients’ businesses. We support their initiatives with thorough assistance on the constantly evolving Romanian legislative climate and its alignment to the EU energy market to facilitate timely anticipation of the potential consequences of such developments.

Our consolidated expertise in this area is also reflected by a well-established portfolio of clients across all sectors of the energy field, including:

  • electricity generators and suppliers, as well as network operators
  • oil&gas corporations
  • financial institutions
  • industrial consumers
  • public authorities

Thanks to our long standing proven contribution to the evolution of the energy sector in Romania, we have the skills and expertise to structure our assistance in an integrated manner, yet with careful consideration of both industry and businesses specificities, including on:

  • regulatory advice:
    1. electricity (licensing and authorization, concessions, trading, specific contracts, regulatory aspects relevant at any level, from consumers to generators, related environmental aspects)
    2. oil and gas (licensing and authorization, concessions, trading, specific contracts, regulatory aspects, all aspects of E&P work, related environmental aspects)
    3. renewables (licensing and authorization, incentive schemes, accreditation, specific contracts, related environmental aspects)
    4. mining (licensing and authorization, concessions, trading, specific contracts, regulatory aspects relevant at any level  of mining activity, related environmental aspects)
  • project structuring
  • privatization and post – privatization (whether with strategic investors, by joint ventures or capital markets)
  • joint ventures, projects and PPP
  • M&A and restructuring processes
  • trans-national projects
  • financing
  • tax
  • litigation