Laura Agatinei
Marketing and Business Development Executive

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Historically, the conditions in Romania have been suitable for large-scale agriculture thanks to fertile lands in a welcoming geographic set-up. In the early 90’s, with the collapse of the communist regime, issues such as land fragmentation, lack of infrastructure and under-investment emerged as substantial downsides for this sector. As a consequence, the interest of large investors has been considerably below the level expected for a sector benefiting from otherwise favourable natural setting. Recently, concerns have found answers, gradually re-establishing an attractive profile for this sector.

Despite a still challenging and uncertain environment, our lawyers have developed considerable expertise in dealing with a multitude of complex issues, from liaising with authorities with respect to real estate, regulatory and compliance aspects to project structuring, financing, due diligence and litigation.

Today, thanks to these substantial capabilities in the agribusiness sector, investors turn to us for tailored solutions to increasingly diverse and difficult mandates.

Our clients include:

  • producers engaged in grain, farming, livestock or forestry projects
  • grain trading companies
  • food processing companies
  • producers of agricultural equipment
  • biotechnology organizations
  • dedicated investment funds

The integrated legal and tax advice provided to the agribusiness community embeds the substantial understanding of this sector that we consolidated over time and supports clients in successfully completing their projects in all the areas relevant to the sector:

  • real estate
  • regulatory advice
  • environment
  • consumer protection
  • intellectual property
  • project structuring
  • specific contracts
  • M&A/ privatizations
  • financing
  • litigation