4.07.2023 – Order 920/2023 regarding high-net worth individuals was published in the Official Gazette no. 585

30.06.2023 – CJEU ruled that toll manufacturing arrangements do not create VAT fixed establishments in the country of the service provider

29.06.2023 – The Proposal for a Decision authorizing Romania to make the use of RO e-Factura mandatory was submitted to the Council of the EU by the European Commission

29.05.2023 – Latest news in the labor law field

21.04.2023 – CJEU decided that the recharging of the electric vehicle is a supply of goods (electricity) 

11.04.2023 – VAT exemption for transport directly connected with exportation

03.04.2023 – Latest news in the labor law field

It is no surprise that illicit commercial activities with goods that are counterfeit or otherwise infringing IP rights are a significant and growing threat in today’s economy, particularly with the increase of their online presence. All companies that create, develop and use intellectual property (IP), especially trademarks, in their business, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), are exposed to IP rights infringement.

08.03.2023 – Latest news in the labor law field

29.12.2022 – In its Meeting of 28 December 2022, the Romanian Government approved the solidarity contribution for the oil and gas industry, as well as a series of amendments to the Tax Procedure Code to implement the Romania’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan (“NRPP”) measures undertaken by ANAF

23.12.2022 – Latest news in the labor law field

22.12.2022 – Law No. 370 for the approval of Government Ordinance No. 16/2022 amending and supplementing Law No. 227/2017 on the Tax Code, abrogating certain normative acts and other financial-fiscal measures was published in the Official Gazette no. 1228

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