NNDKP Legal & Tax Conference, Cluj-Napoca edition

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On 19 February 2020, NNDKP and Ziarul Financiar organized the Cluj-Napoca edition of the Legal & Tax conference titled “How do we manage tax and (macro)economics risks in 2020?” at Hotel Platinia in Cluj-Napoca.

During the first part of the conference, our lawyers and consultants, members of NNDKP CELF, tackled several topics related to the Romanian economy:

  • What are the legislative and regulatory changes that have come as a result of Romania being a member of the European Union?
  • How will these changes be transposed and explained by the competent authorities (tax authorities, courts, etc.) as well as by companies?
  • What are the solutions for companies?
  • What other tax changes are expected in 2020?

The lineup of speakers included: Alina Timofti, Emil Bivolaru and Ciprian Paun.

The second part of the conference focused on the following topics:

  • Anti-abuse rules and artificial arrangements; recent developments at national and international level
  • Tax procedure instruments available to tax payers involved in tax disputes
  • VAT 20’20: the impact of “quick fixes” package
  • 6 reasons why one should pay attention to DAC 6 in the next 6 months

The speakers included: Silviu Badescu, Lucian Barbu, Ciprian Paun, Daniel Hadar, Cristina Bidiga.

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