NNDKP and Cornerstone Communications enter into an alliance

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An exceptional alliance, aiming at enhancing the ecosystem for Romanian entrepreneurs and at contributing to internationalization of their businesses, across the European and global economic space.

  • Building business bridges within the CEE region represents one of the most important opportunities for businesses throughout the region.
  • Ion Nestor, NNDKP: “We are accelerating the development of our business model with a new strategic step, which is a reason for us to partner with the ascending corporate name in the financial industry”.
  • Ludwik Sobolewski, Cornerstone Communications: “The alliance with NNDKP, which epitomizes the successful transformation in the CEE, is one of the pillars of our business excellency and drive to quality in everything we do for the local markets, in the CEE region”.

Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen (NNDKP), one of the largest independent law firms in the CEE region, based in Bucharest, Romania, and Cornerstone Communications, CEE-present Investors’ relations and transactions-wise enabler agency, enter into an alliance. Through the alliance, effective as of February 26th, 2018, both firms will offer services to enterprises, which are searching for complementary assistance and an insightful professional support. The official collaboration will lead to financial optimization, expansion into new markets, new possibilities for organic or M&A driven growth, entering into different types of market arrangements and enhancing the market value if a business is present on the public market or contemplates going public.

NNDKP and Cornerstone Communications alliance conveys a unique approach to customers-oriented value proposition, where consulting and advice is always accompanied by implementation of concrete solutions, and thus resulting in improvement with regard to practicalities of the business and its strategic developments.

NNDKP provides complex services as regards business law (capital market transactions, M&A, regulatory compliance, tax), while Cornerstone Communications brings an array of services in the domain of investors relations, financial communication, diversification of investors’ base and special transactional projects.

Both organizations are committed to highest professional standards and address their synergic and complementary services to all segments of the market: early stage companies, small and medium size enterprises, large companies, including the listed ones, and representing various sectors and branches of the economy.

A modern law firm must integrate its outstanding professionalism within a broader context to serve in the most suitable way its clients in the competitive and international environment. We are integrating new business vectors into our model, enriching our approach, being once again at the forefront of the domestic business law community” – said Ion Nestor, Senior Partner and Co-Managing Partner at NNDKP.

We are creating an innovative model of cooperation, which is expected to generate additional benefits for our clients. This alliance is cemented by the common goals, complementary competences and forward-looking view about the business” – said Ludwik Sobolewski, co-founder of Cornerstone Communications.

The partnering firms will share the same office space, at Bucharest’s Globalworth Tower, an architectural symbol of modern capitalism in Romania.


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