NNDKP among Bucharest Stock Exchange’s partners for the second edition of Made in Romania project

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Made in Romania is a unique project of the Bucharest Stock Exchange aiming at identifying and promoting top Romania’s companies. The main goal of the project is to discover the future engines of Romanian economy and assist them throughout a full year in order to help them bring their business to the next level, by improving transparency, visibility, reputation and, most importantly, gaining access to capital needed for further growth and development.

“The decision to contribute to the second edition of Made in Romania project was a natural step for NNDKP particularly considering its over 25 years of history of continuous support of the Romanian business environment. NNDKP was established in a period when notions such as “entrepreneurship” “due diligence” or “capital markets” were similar to “pioneering”. During the past decades, engaging in the development and consolidation of Romanian companies has become an essential aim of our business approach and we have been committed to transfer to the business community at least a part of the business experience we have accumulated over the years. Today we are enthusiastic about the opportunity to join the Bucharest Stock Exchange and the other partners of the Made in Romania project for the 2018 edition.” stated Alina Radu, Partner and Head of Banking and Finance and a member of the jury for Made in Romania project.

The project is organized in several stages: nominalization, selection of 50 companies, selection of 14 companies by a special Jury consisting of 12 top market experts. Next, the 15th company will be selected by public vote in March 2018. The audience will be invited to vote for one of the 50 finalist companies, which, in their opinion, has the highest chance of becoming a successful Romanian story.

Participation in this project is free and voluntary. Companies that have been nominated in this project by third parties will be informed about this and their approval will be required in order to participate in this project. More details about the Made in Romania project and the submission for nomination are available here.

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