Ana-Maria Baciu – speaker at the Pharmaceutical Industry Forum

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On June 8, 2017, Pharma Business Services organized the eighth edition of the Pharmaceutical Industry Forum. NNDKP was partner at the event and Ana-Maria Baciu was invited as a speaker.

The discussions held during the forum focused on current issues in the pharmaceutical industry, such as the disappearance of medicines from the market, the price policy for medicines and the claw-back tax.

Ana-Maria Baciu was joined in the event by several speakers: Florian-Dorel Bodog (Minister of Health), Attila Laszlo (President of the Senate’s Health Commission), Liviu Popescu (Director, Foreign Affairs, Romanian Association of International Medicines Manufacturers)  and Georgiana Cosoveanu (Deputy Chair of AmCham Romania Healthcare Committee).

The Pharmaceutical Industry Forum gathers together representatives of the pharmaceutical industry and of the authorities, as well as CEOs of companies that manufacture and distribute medicines. The event thus is intended to liaise the relationship between the authorities and entities involved in the medicine business.

More details about the event are available here.

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