Ana-Maria Baciu and Lucian Barbu, speakers at the conference Financial Services, Fiscal and Legal Issues on the Gambling Market in Romania

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The first edition of the conference “Financial Services, Fiscal and legal Issues on the Gambling Market in Romania”, organized by Casino Inside magazine took place on May 31, 2017 in Bucharest, Romania. NNDKP was Partner and Legal Collaborator, and Ana-Maria Baciu and Lucian Barbu were invited as speakers.

The event was intended to help companies that are active on the Romanian gambling market and interested in finding out more information about the fields related to gambling, which can have a considerable impact on their activity: financial services or tax and legal issues.

Ana-Maria Baciu and Lucian Barbu debated the topic “Joint ventures in the gambling industry: legal and tax issues”.

The speakers at the conference, alongside Ana-Maria and Lucian, included Dan Schwartz (General Manager, RSM Romania), Camelia Malahov (Director, Direct Taxation, Deloitte Tax), Bogdan Barbu (Senior Manager, Transfer Pricing, Deloitte Tax), Ionut Stefan (Vicepresident, Romanian Chamber of Fiscal Consultants) Valentin Bodea (Attorney-at-law, Romanian Bookmakers), Doru Gheorghiu (Executive Manager, Romanian Bookmakers) and Mihai Nusca (Head of Litigation Practice, Biriș-Goran).

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