Inspiring young talent

In an era where the legal market has undergone continuous development, we could not have built this firm without the guidance of our mentors. Their role is of such importance that we embarked from the very beginning on a crucial and challenging task: to permanently contribute to the development of the legal profession by forming generations of young lawyers who will carry further the accomplishments, responsibilities and initiatives of their mentors.

And we have been doing so for twenty-five years, in a quest to foster diversity in our teams while sharing the common belief that this profession is about the promise undertaken towards our clients to provide them with the above standard legal advice and unparalleled service.

As part of this pursuit, for the past decade NNDKP has been developing a series of programs intended to assist students who show exceptional ability and motivation in assessing their career opportunities in the legal profession.

The program aims to facilitate their understanding of business law as a complex mission where teamwork, flexibility, the capability to find business-oriented solutions and to adapt know-how to specific client requirements, are among the qualities that characterize the leaders in this profession.

In this tradition, we have developed the “Let Your Law Career Begin” campaign to promote our summer and fall programs, where the best students and graduates are selected annually to participate in the day-to-day activities of our firm. Until now, the over one hundred and eighty students who took part in these internships had the chance to experience the practical aspects and challenges of working in a law firm where they are encouraged to think creatively and develop their ability of effectively conveying and advocating a point of view.

The NNDKP excellence and study scholarships are another initiative intended to recognize and encourage the best and most talented students who show not only the potential to grow and excel but also to compete and succeed in a demanding business environment.