Tax Flash No. 15/2017

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Order no. 3199/2017 for the approval of the Reimbursement  Procedure of taxes, customs duties and others levies and fees paid by the Government of the United State of America, its operating personnel, contractors and its personnel regarding the amounts provided by Art. X point 4 and Art. XI point 3 of the Agreement between the Romanian Government and the Government of the United States of America on Cooperation in the field of combating the proliferation of mass destruction weapons and promoting defense and military relations, ratified pursuant to Government Ordinance 3/1999, approved by Law 100/1999 was published in the Official Gazette 884/2017

  • Through the present Order the Reimbursement Procedure of VAT, customs duties and others taxes and fees paid  in Romania  by the Government of the United States of America its operating personnel, by contractors and related personnel, was approved.
  • For the reimbursement of VAT, customs duties and others taxes related to equipment, stores, materials, technology, preparation or necessary services, a request should be filled for each tax, accompanied by the related supporting documents. The deadline for solving the request is 45 days, term which may be extended if the Romanian authorities request additional documents and/or information to justify the amounts claimed for refund.

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