Tax Flash No. 12/2017

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In the Official Gazette no.789/2017 were published the following:

Order no. 2540/2017 for completing the Methodological Norms for appling the Government Ordinance no. 146/2002 regarding the formation and use of resources through the state treasury, approved with amendments through Law no. 201/2003, approved through the Order of the ministry of public finance no. 1.235/2003

  • The Order contains the procedure for issuing the electronic account statements in respect of the account destined for split payment of VAT, opened with the units of the State Treasury.
  • The electronic account statements can be viewed and downloaded using the digital qualified certificate issued for users of the “On-line submission of declarations” service.
  • In case the legal representatives of the taxable persons do not agree that the persons registered as users of the “On-line submission of declarations” service to view the account statements, a notification will be submitted through which such will not opt for this method of receiving the account statement.
  • The amounts inscribed within the electronic account statements must be daily reviewed and the errors reported, following that within the first 10 working days from the end of the year, the final balances must be confirmed in writing to the units of the State Treasury.

Order no. 2541/2017 for amending and completing Order of ministry of public finance no. 246/2005 for approving the Methodological norms for using and filling in of the payment order for the  State Treasury (POT)

  • It is regulated the Multiple electronic payment order (MEPO) for the VAT split payment.
  • MEPO can be used only after registering with the Forexebug reporting national system and can be downloaded by accessing “Unique access point” from Ministry of Public Finance website –  Forexebug reporting national system or can be provided by the units of the State Treasury where the account is opened.

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