Tax Flash No. 22/2013

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Emergency Ordinance 88/2013 regarding certain fiscal and budgetary measures for complying with the commitments before international institutions and amending and completing certain normative acts was published in the Official Gazette 593/2013.


The following amendments were brought to the Fiscal Code with respect to rental incomes:

  •  taxpayers obtaining rental incomes should pay health fund contribution for such incomes (irrespective of whether such taxpayers derive other incomes);
  • the monthly basis for computing the health fund contribution is the one used for computing the income tax , capped at 5 times the average gross salary and cannot be lower than one minimum gross salary if such income is the only one for which the health fund contribution is due;
  • taxpayers obtaining rental incomes, with certain exceptions, are required to make quarterly advance payments in four equal instalments, by the 25th of the last month of each quarter;
  • in case of incomes from rental of agricultural goods for which the payer has withholding tax obligations, the income payer is also liable to compute and pay the relevant individual health fund contribution. Also, income payers are required to declare the individual health fund contribution by submitting the “Declaration regarding the social security contributions and income tax payment obligations, and the nominal records of insured persons”

The above mentioned provisions shall enter into force from 1 January 2014.

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