Tax Flash No. 21/2012

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Order no. 1151/2012 approving the forms and instructions requested by the application of the provisions of art. 5 of Government Ordinance no. 17/2012 regulating certain fiscal and budgetary measures was published in Official Gazette 629/2012

The present Order approves the template, content and filling in instructions for Form 171 “Statement regarding the quarterly contributions due for the medicines funded by the Single National Health Insurance Fund and the Ministry of Health, for the period between the fourth quarter of the year 2009 and the third quarter of the year 2011” and the Form “Decision for cancellation of late payment penalties”.

The deadline for submission of Form 171 is 30 days from the date Government Ordinance no. 17/2012 entered into force (i.e. September 25, 2012).

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