Tax Flash No. 10/2014

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Emergency Ordinance 40/2014 regarding the amendment and completion of certain normative acts and other fiscal-budgetary measures was published in the Official Gazette 455/2014

We hereby mention the main amendments and completions:

Fiscal Procedure Code

  • An exception regarding the taxpayers’ liability to designate an empowered agent in order to comply with certain declarative liabilities and having a fiscal domicile outside Romania is introduced, applicable to EU residents and residents of the European Economic Area Member States, as well as to residents of other states that are part of international legal instruments signed by Romania and which contain provisions on administrative cooperation in the field of taxation and recovery of tax claims
  • The Emergency Ordinance introduces provisions regarding the possibility that fiscal administrative acts be issued and communicated, upon the taxpayer’s option, also in electronic form
  • Taxpayers may submit to the competent fiscal authority requests, records or any other documents also by remote electronic means

Government Emergency Ordinance 29/2011 Regulating the Approval of Payments Rescheduling

  • The liabilities set by other bodies and sent to NAFA for recovery, as per the law, may also be subject to payments rescheduling
  • Transitory measures are also adopted, regulating for example on pending rescheduling applications and ongoing rescheduling applications

Other provisions

  • Taxpayers carring out agricultural activities and undergoing income losses as a result of external factors benefit of an income tax cancellation for the income derived from agricultural activities, function to the assessed degree of natural disaster

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