European Commission Recent Actions in Car Sector

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The European Commission published new guidance on the application of EU competition rules in the car sector.

On 27th August 2012, the European Commission published a set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) which are particularly addressed to firms and individuals operating in the motor vehicle sector and consumers.

The FAQs are based on input and queries received during the initial period of application of the new rules adopted in 2010 and are aimed at providing the stakeholders with guidance on how the European Commission applies these rules, in particular in the markets for repair and maintenance services and spare parts.

The FAQs explain how the European Commission approaches particular issues regarding the motor vehicle markets and are organized into six topics, namely:

  • the honoring of warranties,
  • servicing in the context of leasing contracts,
  • the supply of spare parts, the use/purchase of tools,
  • access to technical information,
  • access to authorized repairer networks

Particular attention is given to the motor vehicle aftermarkets, which tend to be less competitive than the markets for the sale of new cars.

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